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Harvey Park Baptist Church Gospel of John Series

Passage Video Audio Notes
1 Getting Out the Word 20:30-31 youtube mp3 pdf
2 Jesus is the Christ 11:25-27 youtube mp3 pdf
3 In the Beginning was the Word 1:1-18 youtube mp3 pdf
4 The Word Tabernacled Among Us 1:1-18 youtube mp3 pdf
5 John and His Interrogators 1:19-28 youtube mp3 pdf
6 Behold! The Lamb of God 1:29-42 youtube mp3 pdf
7 You are God's Son, Israel's King 1:43-51 youtube mp3 pdf
8 Jesus' First Sign: Water to Wine 2:1-12 youtube mp3 pdf
9 Excursis: Who Spread the Palm Branches? 12:12-19 youtube mp3 pdf
10 Excursis: Passing the Baton: Jesus' Last Discourse 13-17 youtube mp3 pdf
11 Excursis: I Have Not Yet Ascended 20 youtube mp3 pdf
12 Destroy This Sanctuary 2:13-25 youtube mp3 pdf
13 A New Look at Old St Nic 2:23-3:2 youtube mp3 pdf
14 Who Will See the Kingdom of God 3:1-15 youtube mp3 pdf
15 For God Loved the World Thus 3:13-21 youtube mp3 pdf
16 He Must Increase 3:22-36 *youtube mp3 pdf
17 He Would Have Given You Living Water 4:1-15 youtube mp3 pdf
18 Messiah Will Explain Everything to Us 4:16-42 youtube mp3 pdf
19 A Prophet w/o Hometown Honor 4:34-54 youtube mp3 pdf

* = Youtube video has not been posted yet.

Grace Chapel Gospel of John Series

Passage Audio Notes
1 John's Testimony intro mp3 pdf
2 Grace and Truth from the Rejected Messiah, Part 1 1:1-18 mp3 pdf
3 Grace and Truth from the Rejected Messiah, Part 2 1:1-18 mp3 pdf
4 John the Baptist Pointing to Christ 1:19-51 mp3 pdf
5 The Beginning of Jesus' Signs 2:1-22 mp3 pdf
6 A Light for Nic at Night 3:23-3:21 mp3 pdf
7 Jesus and the Baptist Testify to the Light 2:23-3:21 mp3 pdf
8 The Woman at the Well 4:1-26 mp3 pdf
9 The Fields are White for Harvest 4:1-42 mp3 pdf
10 Your Son Lives 4:43-54 mp3 pdf
11 Jesus Points to Easter mp3 pdf
12 Sabbath Healing at Bethesda 5:1-23 mp3 pdf
13 Honoring the Father by Honoring the Son 5:16-23 mp3 pdf
14 They Have Passed from Death to Life 5:24-30 mp3 pdf
15 Two, Three & More Witnesses 5:31-47 mp3 pdf
16 Feeding the 5000 & Walking on Water 6:1-21 mp3 pdf
17 Movie-Trailer: A Flashback to the Prologue 1:1-18 mp3 pdf
18 Persuasion mp3 pdf
19 Jesus - Bread From Heaven 6:22-40 mp3 pdf
20 Grumbling over Bread From Heaven 6:41-59 mp3 pdf
21 Surprise Appearance at the Feast of Booths 7:1-36 mp3 pdf
22 One Who Tabernacled at Tabernacles 7:37-8:12 mp3 pdf
23 The Truth Will Make You Free 8:13-36 mp3 pdf
24 Abraham's Seed and Satan's Seed 8:30-59 mp3 pdf
25 Was Blind But Now I See 9:1-41 mp3 pdf
26 The Good Shepherd 10:1-21 mp3 pdf
27 Implications of the Good Shepherd mp3 pdf
28 Jesus at Hannukah 10:22-39 mp3 pdf
29 Death of Lazarus 11:1-16 mp3 pdf
30 This Sickness is not unto Death 11:17-37 mp3 pdf
31 The Raising of Lazarus 11:38-57 mp3 pdf
32 Jesus Anointed & Triumphal Entry 12:1-19 mp3 pdf
33 The Hour of Glorification 12:20-36 mp3 pdf
34 Lord, Who Has Believed Our Report 12:27-43 mp3 pdf
35 His Command Is Eternal Life 12:44ff mp3 pdf
36 Washing Disciples’ Feet 13:1-20 mp3 pdf
37 Predicting Judas’ Betrayal & Peter’s Denial 13:21-38 mp3 pdf
38 Giving Another Advocate that will Stay with you Forever 14:1-18 mp3 pdf
39 Peace I Give to you not as the World Gives 14:19-31 mp3 pdf
40 The Vinedresser Lifts Unproductive Branches 15:1-8 mp3 pdf
41 Is John Anti-Semitic Excursus mp3 pdf
42 No Greater Love 15:9-17 mp3 pdf
43 No Greater Hatred 15:18-16:4 mp3 pdf
44 The World on Trial: Convicted by the Spirit 16:5-15 mp3 pdf
45 A Little While & You Won’t See Me; A Little While & You’ll See Me 16:16-33 mp3 pdf
46 The Hour Has Come: Glorify Your Son that He May Glorify You 17:1-19 mp3 pdf
47 I Pray for Those who Will Believe in Me through Their Message 17:11b-26 mp3 pdf
48 The Lifting Up of the Son of Man Excursus mp3 pdf
49 Jesus Betrayed & Arrested 18:1-11 mp3 pdf
50 Jesus: Tried by Night 18:12-27 mp3 pdf
51 The Manipulation of Pilate 18:28-40 mp3 pdf
52 Behold the Man! 19:1-16 mp3 pdf
53 Tetelestai: The Father’s Work Is Finished 19:17-30 mp3 pdf
54 John’s Testimony that the Crucified One Lives 19:31-20:10 mp3 pdf
55 Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen 20:11-31 mp3 pdf
56 Shepherd My Sheep 21:1-25 mp3 pdf
56r When You Grow Old You Will Stretch Out Your Hands 21:1-25 mp3
57 John The True Light Gives Light to All overview mp3 pdf
58 What Is the Point of John mp3 pdf
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