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Water of Life Class Colossians Series

Passage Audio Notes
1 Colossal Thanks for Colossae 1:1-8 mp3 pdf
2 Prayer for the Colossians to Walk Worthily 1:9-20 mp3 pdf
3 Blameless if you continue 1:21-29 mp3 pdf
4 Suffering for Gentile Gain 1:24-29 mp3 pdf
5 Paul's Struggle for Colossae and Laodicea 2:1-5 mp3 pdf
6 Finishing What You Started 2:6-10 mp3 pdf
7 A Heavenly Focus 3:1-11 mp3 pdf
8 All for One and One for All 3:12-17 mp3 pdf
9 Biblical Relations for the New Man 3:18-4:1 mp3 pdf
10 Stay, Don't Stray 4:2-18 mp3 pdf
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