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We at Message of Life Ministries California have been asked numerous times where the artwork for the website comes from. So, we're dedicating a page to the artwork used. Most of of the pictures are in fact original creations of Message of Life Ministries. Given the nature of our work, we spend quite a bit of time traveling and get to see God's handiwork in all its awe and wonder. More photos of people and places we've ministered at are still to come.

However, there are some pictures that we cannot claim credit for, particularly on the Sermons & Teaching page. Fortunately, there are centuries of Western art dedicated to illustrating Biblical truth and on this page we'd like to acknowledge each individual work of art.

Artist: Jean François Millet
Artist's Lifespan: 1814-1875
Title: The Gleaners
Date: 1857
Artist: Nicolaes Berchem
Artist's Lifespan: 1620-1683
Title: Paul and Barnabas at Lystra
Date: 1650
Artist: Valentin de Boulogne or Nicolas Tournier
Artist's Lifespan: 1594-1632 or 1590-1638
Title: Saint Paul Writing His Epistles
Date: 1620
Artist: Gerard Hoet and others
Artist's Lifespan: 1648-1733
Title: Figures de la Bible: Paul and Silas in Prison
Date: 1728
Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn
Artist's Lifespan: 1606-1669
Title: Saint Paul in Prison
Date: 1627
Artist: Hans Backoffen
Artist's Lifespan: 1470-1519
Title: Saint James the Less
Date: ca. 1500
Artist: Antonio da Correggio
Artist's Lifespan: 1489-1534
Title: Lunette with Saint John
Date: 1520–23
Inscription: "More deeply than the others he disclosed the mysteries of God."
Artist: Peter de Wint
Artist's Lifespan: 1784-1849
Title: A Cornfield
Date: 1815

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