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Water of Life Class John Series

Passage Audio Notes
1 A Set Apart Gospel: Introduction to John Introduction mp3 pdf
2 John's Prologue 1:1-14 mp3 pdf
3 John the Baptist as a Pointer 1:15-28 mp3 pdf
4 The Testimony of Three or Four Witnesses 1:29-51 mp3 pdf
5 Rinse Water to Fine Wine 2:1-12 mp3 pdf
6 Razing and Raising the Sanctuary 2:13-22 mp3 pdf
7 A New Look at Saint Nic 2:23-3:15 mp3 pdf
8 For God So Loved 3:16-21 mp3 pdf
9 God's Righteousness is Available 3:21-31 mp3 pdf
10 John the Best Man 3:22-36 mp3 pdf
11 The Woman at the Well 4:1-26 mp3 pdf
12 Fields White Unto Harvest 4:27-42 mp3 pdf
13 Tele-Jesus 4:43-54 mp3 pdf
14 Rise, Pick Up Your Mat and Walk 5:1-16 mp3 pdf
15 Like Father, Like Son, Jesus as Life-Giver and Judge 5:16-30 mp3 pdf
16 Witness for the Defense 5:31-47 mp3 pdf
17 A Feast in the Wild; Terror on the Sea 6:1-21 mp3 pdf
18 The Life is in the Bread 6:22-40 mp3 pdf
19 Jesus' Flesh and Blood in Capernaum 6:41-59 mp3 pdf
20 Abandoning a Perfectly Good Messiah 6:60-71 mp3 pdf
21 Jesus Incognito 7:1-24 mp3 pdf
22 The Odyssey of the Prophet 7:25-8:1 mp3 pdf
23 Woman Caught in Adultery; Was Jesus Caught in a Trap? 8:2-12 mp3 pdf
24 Sent? Or Just Went? 8:12-30 mp3 pdf
25 "No Deposit; No Return" No Way!!!! 8:12-30 mp3 pdf
26 God is My Father; Who's Yours? 8:30-47 mp3 pdf
27 Abraham Saw My Day and Was Glad 8:48-59 mp3 pdf
28 'Twas Blind, Now I See 9:1-12 mp3 pdf
29 Blind to the Truth 9:13-41 mp3 pdf
30 Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall 10:1-21 mp3 pdf
31 I and the Father are One 10:22-39 mp3 pdf
32 Drop Everything, Come Heal Lazarus 10:40-11:27 mp3 pdf
33 The Once Dead Man Walking 11:28-57 mp3 pdf
34 The Honored Prince 12:1-26 mp3 pdf
35 Repentance Unfound in John: Direct Evidence - mp3 pdf
36 Do People Believe Jesus for Nothing - mp3 pdf
37 The Hour Has Come 12:27-50 mp3 pdf
38 Though Hated by the World Uttermost Love for His Own 13:1 mp3 pdf
39 The Final Passover with the Servant King 13:1-20 mp3 pdf
40 Ready or Not The Last Supper Roller Coaster 13:21-14:6 mp3 pdf
41 Three For Free Lose One Get Three 14:7-31 mp3 pdf
42 The True Vine 15:1-11 mp3 pdf

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