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Water of Life Class Romans Series

Passage Audio Notes
1 Unique Messenger of the Unique Messiah to a Unique City 1:1-7 mp3 pdf
2 Greetings I'll See You Soon As Soon as God Lets Me 1:1-15 mp3 pdf
3 Not Ashamed of God's Good Message 1:16-18 mp3 pdf
4 Wrath Revealed 1:16-32 mp3 pdf
5 Moralistic Wrath Dodgers 2:1-5 mp3 pdf
6 Here Comes the Judge, the Impartial One 2:6-10 mp3 pdf
7 Jewish Vulnerability Before Their God 2:17-29 mp3 pdf
8 Everyone, Even Those With advantages, Are Under Sin 3:1-20 mp3 pdf
9 God's Righteousness is Available 3:21-31 mp3 pdf
10 Abraham and David Justification by Faith 4:1-12 mp3 pdf
11 God's Through Faith Alone Promise 4:13-25 mp3 pdf
12 Victory through God's Righteousness 5:1-11 mp3 pdf
13 Jesus Cure for Adam's Curse 5:12-21 mp3 pdf
14 Life in Union with Christ 6:1-4 mp3 pdf
15 Freedom through Union with Christ 6:5-11 mp3 pdf
16 Acting on our Union with Christ 6:12-23 mp3 pdf
17 The War Within 7 mp3 pdf
18 Walking According to the Spirit 8:1-17 mp3 pdf
19 All Things Work Together 8:17-28 mp3 pdf
20 Overcoming Creation's Present Futility Review mp3 pdf
21 Review of Romans 1:1 to 5:11 Review mp3 pdf
22 Review of Romans 1:1 to 6:23 Review mp3 pdf
23 Review of Romans 7:1 to 8:28 Review mp3 pdf
24 If God be for Us 8:29-39 mp3 pdf
25 Faithfulness to Israel Despite its Past Failures 9 mp3 pdf
26 With the Mouth He is Confessed for Deliverance 10 mp3 pdf
27 All Israel Shall Be Delivered 11 mp3 pdf
28 Transformation by a Renovated Understanding 12:1-8 mp3 pdf
29 Godliness and Government 12:9-13:7 mp3 pdf
30 The Debt-Free Debtor 13:8-14 mp3 pdf
31 The Weak and Strong in Faith 14:1-8 mp3 pdf
32 The Bēma 14:9-26 mp3 pdf
33 Becoming One in Worship 15:1-13 mp3 pdf
34 Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before 15:14-33 mp3 pdf
35 Greetings and Warnings 16 mp3 pdf
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