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Passage Audio Notes
1 In the Beginning Part I 1:1-2 mp3 pdf
2 In the Beginning Part II 1:1-2:3 mp3 pdf
3 In the Beginning Part IIIa 1:1-2:3 mp3 pdf
4 In the Beginning Part IIIb 1:1-2:3 mp3 pdf
5 Creation of Man and Woman 2:4-25 mp3 pdf
6 Review of Creation of Man and Woman 2:4-25 mp3 pdf
7 Tree of Life and Tree of Death 3:1-24 mp3 pdf
8 Creation to Fall Overview review mp3 pdf
9 Out of Egypt I Called My Son excursus mp3 pdf pdf
10 Cain and Abel Part I 4:1-16 mp3 pdf
11 Cain and Abel Part II 4:1-16 mp3 pdf
12 Begat...Begat...Begat...Genealogies 4-35 mp3 pdf
13 God Grieves Over Creation 6:1-8 mp3 pdf
14 The Flood 6:9-8:22 mp3 pdf
15 Noahic Covenant of Life 9:1-17 mp3 pdf
16 The Oracle of Noah 9:18-29 mp3 pdf
17 Babble at Babel 11:1-26 mp3 pdf
18 Intersection of Genesis and John mp3 pdf
19 Abram & God's Promise 11:27-12:9 mp3 pdf
20 Pharaoh and Sister Sarai 12:10-20 mp3 pdf
21 Lot Allotted a Lot of Land 13 mp3 pdf
22 Remembering the Source of Blessing 14 mp3 pdf
23 God’s Covenant with Abraham, the Believer 15 mp3 pdf
24 Distress over Abram’s Mistress 16 mp3 pdf
25 Isaac Laughing with God or Laughing at God 17 mp3 pdf
26 Is Anything too Wonderful for The Lord 18:1-15 mp3 pdf
27 Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah 19:1-38 mp3 pdf
28 Abraham and Abimelech 20:1-18 mp3 pdf
29 God Made Sarah Laugh Don't Laugh at Isaac 21:1-21 mp3 pdf
30 Covenant at Beersheba 21:22-34 mp3 pdf
31 The Sacrifice of Isaac and the Sons of Nahor 22 mp3 pdf
32 Buying the Cave at Machpelah as Sarah's Tomb 23 mp3 pdf
33 Finding a Bride for Isaac 24:1-27 mp3 pdf
34 Isaac Marries Rebekah 24:28-67 mp3 pdf
35 Abrahams Death & Account of Ishmael 25:1-18 mp3 pdf
36 Births & Birthright of Esau & Jacob 25:19-34 mp3 pdf
37 God who is with Isaac in Gerar Preserves Rebekah 26:1-11 mp3 pdf
38 God Blesses Isaac with Wells of Water 26:12-33 mp3 pdf
39 Jacob Takes the Blessing through Deception 26:34-27:29 mp3 pdf
40 Esau Receives the Antiblessing & Seeks to Kill Jacob 27:30-28:9 mp3 pdf
41 God Reveals Himelf to the Fugitive Jacob at Bethel 28:10–22 mp3 pdf
42 Laban: Jacob's Match & Matchmaker 29:1–30 mp3 pdf
43 Jacob's Tumultuous Household: 4 Women and 12 Children 29:31–30:24 mp3 pdf
44 Jacob Prospers Despite Laban & Decides to Return to Israel 30:25–31:16 mp3 pdf
45 Jacob Flees and Laban Pursues 31:17-55 mp3 pdf
46 The Heel Catcher Fears Esau God Dislocated His Hip 32 mp3 pdf
47 Wily Jacob and Up Front Esau Reconcile 33 mp3 pdf
48 Dinah's Rape; Israel's Defilement 34:1-30 mp3 pdf
49 God Directs Jacob Back to Bethel a Birth & Several Deaths 35 mp3 pdf
50 Esaus Powerful Dynasty vs Joseph promotion over his brother 36:1-37:11 mp3 pdf
51 Joseph Preview of Isarels Slavery in Egypt 37:12-36 mp3 pdf
52 God Preserves Judahs Line Despite Judah and Sons 38:1-30 mp3 pdf
54 One Step Forward Two Steps Back Joseph Imprisoned in Egypt 39-40 mp3 pdf
55 From Prison to Prime Minister of Egypt 41 mp3 pdf
56 Ten Brothers Go to Market Nine Return Home 42 mp3 pdf
57 Your God Gave You Treasure in Your Sacks 43 mp3 pdf
58 The Silver Cup in Benjamin’s Sack and Joseph Revealed 44-45:15 mp3 pdf
59 Jacob Moves to Egypt 45:16-46:30 mp3 pdf pdf
60 Jacob in Egypt Administered by Joseph 46:31-47:27 mp3 pdf
61 Jacob the Younger Son Blesses the Younger Grandson 47:28-48:22 mp3 pdf
62 Jacob's Prophetic Blessings upon His Sons 49:1-28 mp3 pdf
63 God Will Surely Visit You Carry My Bones 49:29-50:26 mp3 pdf
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