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Passage Audio Notes
1 The Word of the Lord has Sounded Forth I:1 mp3 pdf
2 We Were Gentle Among You I:2 mp3 pdf
3 Paul's Response To Tidings From Thessalonica I:3 mp3 pdf
4 Greater Love & Possessing One's Vessel I:4:1-12 mp3 pdf
5 We who Remain Shall Be Caught up Together w/ the Lord I:4:13-18 mp3 pdf
6 Whether Watchful or Lethargic, We Live with Him I:5:1-11 mp3 pdf
7 Warn the Unruly, Comfort the Weak I:5:12-28 mp3 pdf
8 A Surprise in the Olivet Discourse excursus mp3 pdf
9 The Rapture versus the Second Advent in Matthew 24 excursus mp3 pdf
10 Daniel’s Seventy Weeks excursus mp3 pdf
11 The Tribulation: Seven Years of God’s Wrath excursus mp3 pdf
12 The Seven-Year Tribulation in Revelation excursus mp3 pdf
13 It Is Right for God to Repay w/ Affliction Those who Trouble You II:1 mp3 pdf
14 Concerning the Parousia & Our Gathering Together to Him II:2:1-12 mp3 pdf
15 We Are Bound to Give Thanks to God Always for You II:2:13-17 mp3 pdf
16 Busy Bodies, Not Busybodies II:3:1-18 mp3 pdf
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